Missing Person Investigations

Missing Person / Skip Trace Investigations

Skip Tracing is generally used to find people who may not be in harm's way and typically need to be found to collect a debt or be sought for questioning regarding a transaction or event. We can provide Skip Tracing for serving a subpoena/summons, or we can find someone before beginning an investigation.

Location of Persons

In certain circumstances, we complete skip tracing investigations to find people to resolve personal issues, including missing assets, parents who fail to pay child support, relationship reconnections, runaway children, or for notification of inheritance.

We understand the varying needs of our clients. As clients are assigned their own private investigator who remains available to answer your questions, we keep you informed step-by-step. This helps us maintain a strong connection and build a long-term relationship.

  • Witness Locate
  • Missing Family Member
  • Re-Connect with Friends
  • Inheritance Notification